Our Mission

MSquare Health Products Inc. would like to support your healthy lifestyle by providing you with supplements made from natural ingredients derived from pristine geographies such as Okinawa, Japan. Manufacturing is done in several Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facilities in Southern California under the strictest of standards to provide you with the safest supplements possible.

Okinawa Triple Turmeric Curcumin

Meet The Owner

For years, Mark and his extended family have grown and farmed a variety of Okinawa fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs on their property. In addition, they have produced food products for the local communities. Their uncle`s bakery, at Yaedake, bakes preservative-free whole wheat breads, which are served in the major hospitals on the island. Yaedake is where thousands of visitors travel every year to see the cherry blossoms bloom. Mark visits the farms producing the varietals of turmeric used in the supplements on a regular basis. His mother-in-law is a Japanese tea ceremony teacher at Sasagirian and entertains guests from around the world with an authentic tea ceremony in her tea room. The ultimate goal for the Japanese tea ceremony is a calm and refreshed state of mind, sometimes called “Wabi-Sabi”. In all aspects, Mark and his family are committed to healthy living.

Okinawa Triple Turmeric Curcumin