MSquare Okinawa Triple Turmeric +
and the Japanese Sea Dragon

Japan is an island country, and the region’s ancient mythology was filled
with creatures who controlled the water, air, earth, and sea.


Unlike the fearsome dragons we know from medieval mythology, Japanese dragons
were thought to impart precious wisdom to humans. Ryüjin (龍神), in particular, was a dragon who ruled the sea and oceans and symbolized resilience and transformation.

MSquare Okinawa SeaDragon

The idea of transformation
is at the root of MSquare Okinawa
Triple Turmeric +’s mission.

 We see for ourselves the benefits of the Okinawa lifestyle –
with more octogenarians and the longest lifespan of almost any other nation –

a population that live long, active and healthy lifestyles. With our MSquare Okinawa Triple Turmeric + products,

we want to bring the Okinawa lifestyle to the Western world and empower our turmeric customers
to lead the healthy, active youthful lives that they desire.

MSquare Okinawa Triple Turmeric
MSquare Okinawa Triple Turmeric Curcumin

MSquare Okinawa Triple Turmeric is a family-owned and operated company, and this independence allows us
to offer turmeric products of exceptional purity, potency, and quality.
We start with Okinawa Curcuma, a source for some of the purest turmeric found anywhere.

Using the latest science, we formulate our turmeric blends for maximum purity and potency,
and they are manufactured under the most stringent, FDA-regulated Good Manufacturing Practices. 

We are proud to offer you the world’s finest turmeric products and hope
to be a continuing part of your own health transformation.